Auto SalvageOur Process

Automobile manufacturing is one of the largest industries in the world and contributes a large amount to the global economy. The Auto industry has been making great improvements to create cleaner more environmentally friendly vehicles. The auto salvage industry plays a highly important role in ensuring the vehicles final journey is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Our Auto Salvage Process

Sourcing salvage vehicles

AFF Vehicle Services manage contracts with the some of the UK’s leading vehicle insurance companies, we purchase the insurance write offs which are required to go through the auto salvage process.

Salvage process

Once we have taken possession of the vehicles from the insurance company, we determine which process to carry out on the vehicle. We assess whether the vehicle is in a condition that it is suitable for resale or a vehicle that would need to be broken down into its individual components where the salvage parts can be sold individually. Either way, we must await the insurance company’s clearance to process the vehicle.

Salvage vehicles for re-sale

AFF Vehicle Services receive vehicles from the insurance companies which have had various write off categorisations, these can be anywhere from a CAT A total loss to a CAT X not recorded which would have the minimal damage.

In general CAT D, X and some CAT C are resold as complete vehicles, these can with proper repairs be made legal and roadworthy once more (check out our accident damaged cars & auto salvage guide).

Salvage Parts

When a vehicle has to be broken down into its individual salvage parts for resale, the vehicle first has to go through its de-pollution. This involves removing all fluid from the vehicle, including all coolant, fuel and oil, these are disposed off as per the environment agency guidelines.

Once all fluids have been removed, the vehicles are dismantled and the individual components are evaluated to see whether they are in a condition which is suitable to sell on as salvage parts. These parts can be anything from something as small as an interior switch, to a car body panel or complete engine. The parts are removed from the vehicles and listed on our website ready for purchase. All our salvage parts are ‘sold as seen’.

Unusable salvage parts

All parts which are not fit for resale, are disposed of and recycled as per environment agency guidelines, this can be anything from a vehicle chassis to a floor mat.